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Alternative forms[edit]


Late 18th century Dorset British slang for confused, bewildered. From be- +‎ twattle (to talk) +‎ -ed.


betwattled (comparative more betwattled, superlative most betwattled)

  1. (archaic, West Country) surprised, confounded, befuddled, to be in a distressed state of mind.
    • 2007, Eloise McGraw, The Moorchild, page 39:
      But everybody—except Anwara, who was plainly betwattled—admitted the child was strange.
    • 2016 March 4, “Champions League does not need likes of Leicester, says US sports executive”, in Reddit[1], r/Soccer:
      I'm betwattled about the twatty things this no name is saying.



  1. (archaic) simple past and past participle of betwattle


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