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Armor with bevor.

Alternative forms[edit]


From Old French baviere (child's bib), from baver (to slaver).



bevor (plural bevors)

  1. (historical) A portion of plate armour to protect the lower face and the neck, typically in two parts, called upper bevor and lower bevor.
    Coordinate term: (neck protector) gorget
    • 1635, L. I. [pseudonym; John Lechmere], “The Third Argument was about the Killing Letter; out of Origen, []”, in The Relection of a Conference Tovching the Reall Presence. Or A Bachelovrs Censvre of a Masters Apologie for Doctour Featlie, Douai: Lavrence Kellam, OCLC 880496072, page 333:
      He who lookes you in the face, ſaith he ſees you, though the reſt of your bodie be within your cloathes, and if you, being an ὁωλομάχος a cataphract in your proteſtantiſh πανοπλία [panoplía, suit of armour] should for fear pull downe your beuer before you come into the liſt, your Aduerſarie for all that might light vpon your (  ) vnleſſe you bring with you Giges his ring, ſo to make your ſelf inuiſible; [...]
    • 2001, Paul B. Newman, Daily life in the Middle Ages, page 210,
      Since gorgets completely encircled the neck, they were usually more articulated than the bevors to allow for some movement of the neck and head. Bevors typically were open in back but extended up above the wearer′s jaw on the sides and front. Use of a bevor or a gorget depended upon the type of helmet the knight wore [] .
    • 2008, Christopher Gravett, Knight: Noble Warrior of England 1200-1600, page 233,
      For heavy field use a reinforcing breastplate was sometimes added, together with a wrapper over the upper bevor.
    • 2011, Kerrie Logan Hollihan, Elizabeth I, the People's Queen: Her Life and Times, 21 Activities, page 61,
      Many helmets had an upper part joined with hinges to a bevor, which protected the knight′s lower face and jaw.


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  • IPA(key): /bəˈfoːɐ̯/ (standard)
  • IPA(key): /bəˈfɔɐ̯/ (also common)
  • (file)
  • Rhymes: -oːɐ̯



  1. before
    Synonym: ehe
    Geh, bevor ich rasend werde.
    Go before I lose my temper.

Usage notes[edit]

  • Like English before, the German conjunction is often followed by a redundant negation, particularly in common speech. Therefore the following two phrases are synonymous:
    Du kriegst keinen Nachtisch, bevor du alles aufgegessen hast.
    You won’t get any dessert before you’ve eaten up everything.
    Du kriegst keinen Nachtisch, bevor du nicht alles aufgegessen hast.
    You won’t get any dessert before you’ve eaten up everything.

Further reading[edit]

  • bevor” in Duden online