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  1. (archaic or nonstandard) present participle of beware
    • 1834, James Blundell, The Principles and Practice of Obstetricy, page 282
      [...] in most cases, you may try the lever or the forceps, but with gentleness, with caution, as on your dearest friend, bewaring lest you occasion a laceration or sloughing of the softer parts; [...]
    • 1871, unknown translator, Henry Sweet (ed.), King Alfred's West-Saxon Version of Gregory's Pastoral Care, page 438
      They are to be admonished to understand that they often sin still worse by bewaring of little sins than they do with great ones; because they simulate innocence by bewaring of the little ones.
    • 1896, Thomas de Quincey, Collected Writings, page 82
      "Oh, my lord, beware of jealousy!" Yes; and my lord couldn't possibly have more reason for bewaring of it than myself; [...]



From bewaren +‎ -ing


  • (file)
  • Hyphenation: be‧wa‧ring


bewaring f (plural bewaringen)

  1. storage
  2. custody
  3. safekeeping
    iets in bewaring geven.
    to give something for safekeeping.