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bi-weekly (not comparable)

  1. Alternative form of biweekly
    • 1845, Joseph Story, Commentaries on the Law of Promissory Notes and Guaranties of Notes and Checks on Banks and Bankers[1], page 388:
      In all cases of this sort, it will be sufficient, that a letter is put into the post-office early enough after the day of the dishonor of the Note to go by the next post, whether it be a bi-weekly, or tri-weekly, or a mere weekly conveyance, if it be the ordinary mode of communication.
    • 1999, Stella Chess, Goodness of Fit: Clinical Applications from Infancy Through Adult Life:
      Joyce had a major but not leading role in a good bi-weekly TV serial daytime program.
    • 2014, W. Malave, To Love One Another, page 189:
      Although the prison discontinued our family reunion weekend visits, our bi-weekly visits continued for a couple of hours every other Sunday.


bi-weekly (not comparable)

  1. Alternative form of biweekly
    • 1944 January, Marion E. Purbeck, “Pupil Leadership in the High School”, in The Journal of Health and Physical Education, volume 15, number 1, page 11:
      Meet weekly or bi-weekly to discuss duties and responsibilities and to encourage other girls in the squads to greater participation and better results.
    • 1996, M. Joanna Mellor, Special Aging Populations and Systems Linkages, page 15:
      With a Site Coordinator at each agency responsible for day-to-day operations and service assistance, the support groups meet bi-weekly in addition to individual counseling sessions and other types of group activities.
    • 2015, Louisa Graves, Age-Proof: Beauty Alternatives You Need to Know:
      To maintain whiteness apply the strips bi-weekly or once a month.