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bi- +‎ arsenical


biarsenical (plural biarsenicals)

  1. Any of a group of fluorescent compounds, that contain two arsenic atoms, used to visualize proteins
    • 2015 October 16, “hMRAPα, but Not hMRAP2, Enhances hMC4R Constitutive Activity in HEK293 Cells and This Is Not Dependent on hMRAPα Induced Changes in hMC4R Complex N-linked Glycosylation”, in PLOS ONE[1], DOI:10.1371/journal.pone.0140320:
      We initially constructed a tetracysteine (PG) tagged hMC4R (hMC4R-PG) for co-transfection with a variant tetracysteine (FLN) tagged hMRAPα (hMRAPα-FLN) in order for dual detection of the tetracysteine tags by biarsenical labelling with FlAsH-EDT 2 or ReAsH-EDT 2, respectively.