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From biblio- +‎ -phage, from Ancient Greek βῐ́βλος (bíblos, book) and φαγεῖν (phageîn, to eat).


bibliophage (plural bibliophages)

  1. (figuratively) A person who loves to read books; a bookworm.
    Janet loved reading. She was a real bibliophage.
  2. A creature that consumes books’ physical contents.
    • 1887, James Rodway in Timehri; Volume I, page #306:
      Once inside, they begin to mine; there may be apparently nothing wrong outside, but when you open the book you find a hollow filled with insects, which have eaten almost all the letterpress, up to the margins. By keeping the shelves away from the walls and giving a little attention to wormy volumes, the Library may be easily freed from this kind of Bibliophage.

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