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From biblio- +‎ -phobia.


bibliophobia (uncountable)

  1. The fear or dislike of books.
    • 1818, Religio Christiani, a Churchman's Answer to Religio Clerici, quoted in The Gentleman's Magazine, October 1818, page 345:
      [] yet even he could not stand against that sin when temporarily infected with the poison of Bibliophobia.
    • 1963, John B. Nicholson, “A Disease Known as Bibliophobia”, in Reading and the Art of Librarianship[1], published 1986, →ISBN, page 10:
      What a tragic illness bibliophobia is!
    • 2008, Mark Bauerlein, The Dumbest Generation[2], →ISBN, page 67:
      E-literacy derives not from bibliophobia, then, but from the miraculous and evolving advent of digital technology, the Information Age and the Electronic Word.