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Alternative forms[edit]


big +‎ -ass


big-ass (comparative more big-ass, superlative most big-ass)

  1. (vulgar, slang) Very large, expansive, fat, impressive, muscular, intimidating, or important
    • 1978, Hubert Selby, Requiem for a dream: a novel, page 155
      It had two big sliding doors and the whole front was a mirror, one big ass mirror jim.
    • 1990, Richard A. Spears, Richard A. Spears, Forbidden American English, link
      What is all this talk about some bigass executive coming in to buy this town?
    • 2011, Linda Howard, Prey, page 321
      With flowers and candles and a bigass cake, the fellowship hall sufficed.
    • 2011, Anna Windsor, Captive Heart: A Novel of the Dark Crescent Sisterhood[1], page 395:
      They steered around the courtyard, where they could see the bastards in black sweatshirts and the bigass altered mobsters with big-ass guns holding off the OCU and trying to advance on the Sibyls.