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A modern coinage, with components derived from Ancient Greek βίος (bíos, life) and -λογία (-logía, branch of study), with variants that arose in various European languages around 1800. It was borrowed into Latvian and adapted (e.g. +‎ -ija).


bioloģija f (4th declension)

  1. biology (science, or complex of sciences, that studies living organisms, their bodies, development, ways of life, and classification)
    molekulārā bioloģija‎ ― molecular biology
    bioloģijas fakultāte‎ ― faculty of biology
    bioloģijas zinātņu kandidāts, doktors‎ ― doctoral candidate, doctor in the biological sciences
  2. biology (the development and way of life of a living organism or a group of living organisms)
    zivju bioloģija‎ ― fish biology


Derived terms[edit]