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Etymology 1[edit]

From bitch +‎ -ed.



  1. simple past tense and past participle of bitch

Etymology 2[edit]

From Middle English bicched, equivalent to bitch +‎ -ed.


bitched (comparative more bitched, superlative most bitched)

  1. (archaic, literary) Wretched; vile; accursed; damned
    • 1934, Geoffrey Chaucer, ‎John Urban Nicholson, Canterbury tales, rendered into modern English, page 302:
      Such is the whelping of the bitched bones two: Perjury, anger, cheating, homicide.
  2. (vulgar) Causing difficulty; nasty; unpleasant; problematic; (intensifier) damned, bloody
    • 2004, Bernard Capp, When Gossips Meet:
      A Sussex villager told his friends that Elizabeth Best was a 'bitched whore', and offered a shilling to anyone who would drive his cart to her door and say, 'Dame, here is a cart load of whores'.
    • 2005, Sean Barry, John Barry, What A Zoo!:
      For example, she fought a bitched battle with the Condorloser, although she, the Boxer, was eventually vanquished.
    • 2007, Nicholas Ashby, Time Pips, page 118:
      Sully took a look and diagnosed a bitched spring, but said he could make a temporary repair.
    • 2010, William Alexander Patterson, 4th, The City Is served Bartholomew! to the American Prison!:
      Let us renounce the dichotomies of the bitched mandarins.