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bit +‎ -ness


  • (file)


bitness (usually uncountable, plural bitnesses)

  1. (computing) The architecture of a computer system or program in terms of how many bits (binary digits) compose the basic values it can evaluate.
    • 1995 August, InfoWorld, volume 17, number 30:
      Execute an API or DLL call of the wrong bitness from within any of these programs and the result is an unrecoverable run-time error.
    • 1995, Microsoft Corporation, Microsoft office 95 data access reference:
      Thunking allows parameters to be pushed correctly on the stack, enables a DLL of a different bitness to load in your process, and converts memory addresses...
    • 1997, Stan Mitchell, Inside the Windows 95 file system:
      Since both user mode and kernel mode have the same "bitness," 16-bit and 32-bit stacks do not need to be distinguished.
    • 1998, Chris Sells, Windows telephony programming: a developer's guide to TAPI:
      Table 7.1 summarizes the bitness requirements for TSPs under the various versions of TAPI and Windows.