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Etymology 1[edit]

blank, from the printer's mark (as in d—! for damn!).

Alternative forms[edit]


blankety (not comparable)

  1. (dated, euphemistic) damnable, damned
    • 1912, Howard Benjamin Grose, Missions: an international Baptist magazine, Volume 3
      I'm the blankety-blankety-blank-blank worst man in all this blankety-blankety-blank-blank country []
    • 1915, Stanley William Coxon, And that reminds me
      [] a megaphone demanded to know who the, what the, how the, why the blankety-blank-blank wasn't I keeping my blankety watch on the blankety-blank-blank deck!!

Etymology 2[edit]

blanket +‎ -y


blankety (not comparable)

  1. Resembling or related to a blanket.
    • 1853, Robert Smith Surtees, chapter IV, in Mr. Sponge's Sporting Tour[1], page 206:
      [] for the cold had struck through his person, his fine clothes being a poor substitute for his thick double-milled red coat, blankety waistcoat, and Jersey shirt.
    • 1917, Henry Handel Richardson, chapter VIII, in Australia Felix:
      Later in the day, clad in an odd collection of baggy garments, he sat and warmed himself in the sun, which was fast drawing up in the form of a blankety mist the moisture from the ground.
    • 2009, Laura Resau, The Indigo Notebook, Delacorte Press (2009), →ISBN, page 147:
      It's a floating feeling, an eyes-closed, comfy, blankety feeling, the feeling of not having to worry about anything.
    • For more examples of usage of this term, see Citations:blankety.