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blast +‎ -or


blastor (plural blastors)

  1. (science fiction) Alternative form of blaster (hand weapon)
    • 1925 April, Dyalhis, Nictzin, “When the Green Star Waned”, in Weird Tales, volume 5, number 4, page 6:
      Well it was for me that, in obedience to Hul Jok's imperative command, I was holding my Blastor pointing ahead of me; for as I blundered full upon the monstrosity it upheaved its ugly bulk—how I do not know, for I saw no legs nor did it have wings—to one edge and would have flopped down upon me, but instinctively I slid forward the catch on the tiny Blastor, and the foul thing vanished—save for a few fragments of its edges—smitten into nothingness by the vibration hurled forth from that powerful little disintegrator.