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Alternative forms[edit]


blast +‎ -er



blaster (plural blasters)

  1. Anything that, or anyone who blasts.
    infrared blaster
  2. A device to detonate an explosive, often consisting of a box with a handle to be pressed down.
  3. (science fiction) An unspecified powerful hand weapon, usually one that fires an energy pulse or beam.
    • 1938 April, Henry Kuttner, “Hollywood on the Moon”, in Thrilling Wonder Stories, volume 11, number 2, page 26:
      Blast out the lakes and canals—whittle down the peaks and mounds with atomic blasters—file them into the shape of gigantic buildings.
    • 1939 June, Jack Williamson, “One Against the Legion”, in Astounding Science-Fiction, volume 23, number 4, page 138:
      One slender hand clung near a singular jewel, like a great white snow crystal, that hung from her throat. And the other, with a practiced and familiar grip, held a barytron blaster of the newest legion design. An unwilling little glisten had come into the violet eyes. Her blond head flung angrily. She caught her breath, and lifted the barytron blaster. Its bright tube pointed straight between his shoulders. He would never even know.
  4. (golf, slang) A sand wedge.
    • 1948, Henry Cotton, This Game of Golf, page 119:
      The "blaster" type of club has been blamed for doing its share in making golf courses look ridiculous, []
    • 1962, Gary Player, Golf Secrets, page 61:
      The person who has a sand wedge - the blaster - for these shots has a distinct advantage.


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