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phaser (plural phasers)

  1. (music) An electronic device that produces special effects on the sound produced by an electric guitar etc.
  2. (science fiction) Fictional energy weapon, with multiple settings for degree of intensity, from the television series Star Trek (1966–69).[1]
    • 1966 September 8, George Clayton Johnson (writer), The Man Trap (Star Trek), season 1, episode 1:
      Captain James Kirk: "Set your phaser on one quarter. I'll leave mine on stun."
    • 1995 July, THIS magazine, page 21:
      His oddly reserved nature stands out [...]. Whyte sets his phaser on stun, not kill.
    • 1999, Dafydd ab Hugh, chapter 3, in Fallen Heroes [Star Trek: Deep Space Nine; 5], New York, N.Y.: Pocket Books:
      A Bajoran rushed past with an armful of phaser rifles, another with a box of hand phasers.
    • 2004, Hertiage Signature Auction #811, page 185:
      Giolitti's Gold Key art is widely admired, [...] and this is a terrific opportunity to pick up a page—set your phasers on bid.
    • 2009, Gardiner, Meg, China Lake, →ISBN:
      I said, "Set phasers on be-a-bastard."


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(science fiction energy weapon):


phaser (third-person singular simple present phasers, present participle phasering, simple past and past participle phasered)

  1. (science fiction, transitive) To shoot with a phaser weapon.


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