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pash +‎ -er


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pasher (plural pashers)

  1. (Australia and New Zealand, slang) One who pashes (snogs, kisses).
    My boyfriend is such a good pasher!
    • 2003, Barry Crocker, The Adventures of Barry Crocker: Bazza, page 76,
      ‘And seeing you told me you′re such a good pasher, you can kiss me goodnight if you like.’
    • 2005, Andrew Daddo, Youse Two, unnumbered page,
      Ms Fitzgibbon turned her attention back to the pashers, who had now separated. That didn′t last long. They were walking back to camp, holding hands.
    • 2009, Andrew Cox, Settling for It, Tamara Sheward, Jenny Valentish (editors), Your Mother Would Be Proud: True Tales of Mayhem and Misadventure, Allen & Unwin, Australia, page 407,
      Nevertheless, I was off and running and thereafter enjoyed a period as one of this country′s most promiscuous pashers. With a minimum of sweet-talk almost anyone could kiss me, I was so fucking easy.