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From Middle English shapper, shapere, schapare, scaper, scheppere, schuppere, alteration (perhaps due to Old Norse skaperi, skapari) of Old English sċyppend, sċieppend (shaper; maker; creator), equivalent to shape +‎ -er. Cognate with Dutch schepper, German Schöpfer, Danish skaber, Swedish skapare, Icelandic skapari.



shaper (plural shapers)

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  1. One who shapes.
    the shaper of one's fortunes
    The secret of those old shapers died with them. — Lowell.
  2. A machine tool in which a single-point cutting tool mounted on a reciprocating ram is traversed across the workpiece linearly. Shapers can generate various shapes, but were most especially employed in generating flat surfaces and keyways. The shaper is nowadays obsolescent, most of its applications being served by milling machines.
  3. (surfing) A person who designs and builds surfboards.
    He apprenticed with several notable Southern California shapers before packing his bags for Hawaii — Tom Linker [1]

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