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Etymology 1[edit]


blem (comparative more blem, superlative most blem)

  1. Abbreviation of blemished, sometimes used on online auction sites.

Etymology 2[edit]



blem (countable and uncountable, plural blems)

  1. (MLE) A cigarette, fag, spliff or another intoxicant preparation for smoking.
    • 2018 October 26, J.B2 aka Mr.Affiliate (lyrics), Farrokh Beats (music), “Bars at the Sesh”, 0:23:
      Give up the name, I pattern them
      Why you der life, your smoking blem
    • 2019 July 29, #CGE Mobz X TT X S13 (lyrics), SK-Beats (music), “Trips”‎[1], 1:31:
      I pop my cherry on the opp block, holding a four-ten,
      corn for days, corn for them,
      can’t single, we out like blem,
      been bad since when,
      [incomprehensible or probably censored] back then,
      now I am tryna lurk with friend plus skeng
    • 2020 May 13, Cillian (lyrics), “Respawn”, 1:27:
      Opps don’t come borne no more, swear the opp boys deny their ends
      Dem man der get high off on blem then give verbal online with friends