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From Ancient Greek βλέννος (blénnos, mucus, slime) + Latin -phobia, from Ancient Greek φόβος (phóbos, fear).


blennophobia (uncountable)

  1. (very rare) The irrational fear of slime.
    • 2002, Kate White, If Looks Could Kill, Warner Books, Inc. (2002), →ISBN, unnumbered page:
      "Well, maybe what you've really got is blennophobia — fear of slime," he said.
    • 2003, Joanne M. Friedman, It's a Horse's Life!: Advice and Observations for the Humans Who Choose to Share It, iUniverse (2003), →ISBN, page 40:
      He approaches with snurffly sounds and a twitching nose, and your blennophobia (fear of slime) kicks in, producing a hurried word of encouragement and a carrot.
    • 2006, Des Kennedy, The Passionate Gardener: Adventures of an Ardent Green Thumb, Greystone Books (2006), →ISBN, page 208:
      Oh, they seem to be the picture of contentment, tripping about with their triple-sanitized trowels and weeding forks, but in reality these neatniks are a seething cauldron of aversions. They're beset by blennophobia, the fear of slime, and spend long hours plotting the annihilation of slugs and snails.