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Unknown; seems to have been coined by American soldiers in World War Two.[1]


blivet (plural blivets)

  1. Anything overfull.
  2. An item of unknown purpose, often unnecessary or useless or annoying.
  3. (computing, slang) A program that has messy source code.
  4. (electronics) An electronic signal that is normally high or on, but goes low for a very short period and then returns to high. A low going spike.
  5. (geology) A hammer used by geologists to chop rock samples from boulders for examination.
  6. (welding) A hammer used by electric welders to knock slag off of the welded joint, sometimes having a spring handle to lessen shock to the hands.
  7. (air conditioning) A container/tank for refrigerant gas.
  8. (military) A portable, collapsible container for liquid fuel.
  9. An impossible trident [2].
  10. (Lineman, slang) Used in construction utility linework to create an open point in distribution lines.


  1. ^ 1967, H. Wentworth & S. B. Flexner, Dictionary of American Slang Supplement 673/2: Blivit, n., anything unnecessary, confused, or annoying. Lit. defined as ‘10 pounds of shit in a 5-pound bag’. Orig. W.W. II Army use. The word is seldom heard except when the speaker uses it in order to define it; hence the word is actually a joke.
  2. ^ The Hacker's Dictionary, article "Blivet"; It lists the impossible fork among numerous meanings of the term




  1. absolute indefinite neuter singular of bliven.