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blow +‎ down


blowdown (countable and uncountable, plural blowdowns)

  1. (chemical engineering) The removal of liquid and solid hydrocarbons from a refinery vessel by the use of pressure
  2. (industrial engineering) Cooling fluid discharged from a plant at the end of its cycle.
  3. (forestry) Uprooting, overtopping, or bole breakage of trees by the wind; windthrow and windsnap.
  4. (aviation) The action of aerodynamic forces to tend to cause a deflected control surface to return to its neutral position, or prevent the surface from deflecting past a certain point.
    At higher airspeeds, the 737's maximum rudder deflection is limited by blowdown, helping to prevent flight-control inputs from overstressing the aircraft's vertical stabilizer.

Derived terms[edit]