bluebird of happiness

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bluebird of happiness (plural bluebirds of happiness)

  1. Happiness or contentment, especially as the elusive object of a quest or as a state of affairs which is difficult to achieve.
    • 1987 May 8, Kevin Thomas, "'Bluebird': Tora-san no. 37 is bittersweet," Los Angeles Times (retrieved 9 February 2022):
      Tora (Kiyoshi Atsumi), our feckless itinerant peddler, dreams he's leading his relatives in a pursuit of the bluebird of happiness, which takes them to a veritable Shangri-La.
    • 2000 October 6, Lawrence Van Gelder, "Film in Review: 'Luminarias'," New York Times (retrieved 9 February 2022):
      The tears flow like the tequila in Luminarias. But never is there a moment's fear that they will drown the bluebird of happiness that is just around the corner.
    • 2012 January 10, On Parenting, "Helping a 7-year-old regain confidence: Advice from Marguerite Kelly," Washington Post (retrieved 9 February 2022):
      "You could wait a year or two to see if the bluebird of happiness comes knocking on her door, but it would be quicker and kinder to send her to a therapist now," Kelly says.