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Etymology 1[edit]



  1. comparative form of blue: more blue

Etymology 2[edit]

blue +‎ -er (Oxford -er). Used at Harrow School in London, United Kingdom.


bluer (plural bluers)

  1. (Britain, school slang) A blue blazer, part of the school uniform at Harrow School.
    • 1981, Mangan, James Anthony, Athleticism in the Victorian and Edwardian Public School, Psychology Press, published 2000, ISBN 9780714680439, page 170:
      Bluer buttons illustrate the principle of 'keeping under'. The Knoll rule book states: 'It is a one year priv. [privilege] to have the bottom button on one's bluer undone [and] a three summer priv. to have all the buttons of one's bluer undone.'
    • 2011, Evans, Justin, “Voraciously”, in The White Devil:
      He was alone in his room, in his bluer and his tie, seated on a chair, leaning over his bed like a desk—his preferred way to study—holding the stapled pages of the script, muttering the words.
Related terms[edit]
  • greyers (grey uniform trousers)