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Diminutive of bocado (mouthful), from bocado +‎ -illo.


  • IPA(key): (most of Spain and Latin America) /bokaˈdiʝo/ [bo.kaˈð̞i.ʝo]
  • IPA(key): (rural northern Spain, Andes Mountains) /bokaˈdiʎo/ [bo.kaˈð̞i.ʎo]
  • IPA(key): (Buenos Aires and environs) /bokaˈdiʃo/ [bo.kaˈð̞i.ʃo]
  • IPA(key): (elsewhere in Argentina and Uruguay) /bokaˈdiʒo/ [bo.kaˈð̞i.ʒo]

  • (most of Spain and Latin America) Rhymes: -iʝo
  • (rural northern Spain, Andes Mountains) Rhymes: -iʎo
  • (Buenos Aires and environs) Rhymes: -iʃo
  • (elsewhere in Argentina and Uruguay) Rhymes: -iʒo

  • Syllabification: bo‧ca‧di‧llo


bocadillo m (plural bocadillos)

  1. (Spain) sandwich
    Synonyms: (Spain) bocata, (Mexico) torta, (Central America) emparedado, sánduche, sándwich, sándwiche, torta
    Tengo carne, queso y tomates en mi bocadillo.
    There is meat, cheese and tomatoes in my sandwich.
  2. (Colombia, Venezuela, Panama) guava jelly/jam
  3. (Rest of the World) snack, bite to eat
    Necesito un bocadillo.
    I need a snack.
  4. (comics) speech bubble (rounded outline, containing words, representing speech)

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