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bomb +‎ shell


bombshell (plural bombshells)

  1. A bomb or artillery shell designed to explode on impact.
  2. (figuratively) Something that is very surprising, shocking, amazing or sensational.
  3. (by extension) Someone who is very attractive; a sex symbol.
    Diana Dors, the 1950s blonde bombshell
    • 2021 May 4, Ruth La Ferla, “On That Bombshell Billie Eilish Cover for British Vogue”, in The New York Times[1], ISSN 0362-4331:
      The singer once identified by her shock of green hair has gone blonde and full bombshell, swapping her trademark sweats for a style more domme than deb: pink Gucci corset and skirt over Agent Provocateur skivvies, accessorized with latex gloves and leggings.

Derived terms[edit]


Derived terms[edit]