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From Old Swedish brænna, from Old Norse brenna, from Proto-Germanic *brannijaną.


bränna (present bränner, preterite brände, supine bränt, imperative bränn)

  1. (transitive) fire (heat (pottery, etc.))
  2. (transitive) to overheat food; to heat the food until it is blackened.
    Jag råkade bränna hamburgarna. Vill du ha dem ändå?
    I accidentally burned the hamburgers. Do you want them anyway?
  3. (transitive) burn
    1. to set fire to
    2. to injure by heat or caustic chemicals
    3. to record on a read-only medium
  4. (reflexive) to hurt oneself by touching a hot object
    Se upp så att du inte bränner dig på plåten!
    Be careful so that you don't burn yourself on the tray!
  5. (reflexive) to get badly sunburned
  6. (reflexive) to get stung by nettles or similar
  7. to hurt; as of a sunburn
  8. to produce liquor (especially illegally)
  9. to produce calcium oxide (burnt lime) from calcium carbonate through heating


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