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From Old Swedish brænna, from Old Norse brenna, from Proto-Germanic *brannijaną.



bränna (present bränner, preterite brände, supine bränt, imperative bränn)

  1. (transitive, intransitive) to burn (something – see the usage notes below)
    1. to burn with fire
    2. to injure by heat or caustic chemicals
    3. to record on a read-only medium
  2. (transitive, intransitive) to fire (heat (pottery, etc.))
  3. (transitive, intransitive) to overheat food; to heat the food until it is blackened.
    Jag råkade bränna hamburgarna. Vill du ha dem ändå?
    I accidentally burned the hamburgers. Do you want them anyway?
  4. (reflexive) to hurt oneself by touching a hot object
    Se upp så att du inte bränner dig på plåten!
    Be careful so that you don't burn yourself on the tray!
  5. (reflexive) to get badly sunburned
  6. (reflexive) to get stung by certain animals or plants which cause a burning sensation in human skin
    Coordinate term: sticka (sting)
    1. stung by nettles or similar
    2. stung by jellyfishes or similar
    3. stung by bumblebees
      • 1990 April 26, Expressen, page 4:
        [] en humla som då förebrående brände mig.
        [] a bumblebee that accusingly stung me just then.
      • 2016 December 9, Strengnäs Tidning, page 3:
        När jag räddade en humla från en säker drunkningsdöd brände den mig på handen innan den flög iväg.
        When I saved a bumblebee from certain drowning, it stung me on the hand before flying away.
      Synonym: sticka
  7. to hurt; as of a sunburn
  8. to produce liquor (especially illegally)
  9. to produce calcium oxide (burnt lime) from calcium carbonate through heating

Usage notes

  • "The house is burning" is "Huset brinner" rather than "Huset bränner." "Huset bränner" means that the house is burning something else. As a nonsensical example, "Huset bränner det andra huset med en eldkastare" means "The house is burning the other house with a flamethrower."
  • See also brännas, which has additional meanings.



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