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From Middle English brennen ‎(to burn), from Old English bærnan ‎(to expose to the action of heat, cause to burn, kindle, light, set on fire, cauterize, to cause to give light, lighten, consume by fire, burn, burn up, consume), from Proto-Germanic *brannijaną ‎(to burn), from Proto-Indo-European *bherw-, *bhrew- ‎(to boil, seethe), probably influenced in form by the past participle brend, brent ‎(burnt), or from brand. Cognate with Scots bren, brenn, brend ‎(to burn). More at burn.


brending ‎(plural brendings)

  1. (dialectal or obsolete) The act of burning; burning.
    • 1595, William Shakespeare, Locrine:
      From the building to the brending.