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broad +‎ -ly


broadly (comparative more broadly, superlative most broadly)

  1. Widely and openly.
    • 1956 [1880], Johanna Spyri, Heidi, translation of original by Eileen Hall, page 16:
      [W]hen he caught sight of her running towards him like that, he smiled broadly.
  2. In a wide manner; liberally; in a loose sense.
    • 2018 January 25, Amelia Gentleman, “Men-only clubs and menace: how the establishment maintains male power”, in the Guardian[1]:
      While companies are bravely talking about their efforts to redress the gender pay gap (large employers will be compelled to report details of how they pay their male and female staff in April), we know that women are, on average, much worse paid than men throughout the City. Broadly, power remains in men’s hands.