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lady +‎ bro


ladybro (plural ladybros)

  1. (slang) A female comrade or friend.
    • 2011, Jaclyn Tersigni, "Why is GQ's 'Bro of the Year' wearing lingerie?", The Globe and Mail, 22 November 2011:
      Leaving feminist blog Jezebel to declare: “I have a dream that one day ladies can be considered ladybros without having to show their ladylumps.”
    • 2012, Ruby Mahoney, "feminist of the week: kat muscat", Lip, 16 July 2012:
      It doesn’t make sense that bros get paid more than ladybros for the same job.
    • 2012, Angela Clarke, "Blonde's Eye View: What are you reading?", Wharf, 31 October 2012:
      I can forgive ladybros, who were reared on a diet of sassy women's magazines and Sex And The City clichés, for succumbing to titles like Men Are From Uranus and Become a Man Whisperer.
    • For more examples of usage of this term, see Citations:ladybro.