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broad +‎ way



broadway (plural broadways)

  1. An esplanade.
    • 1962, Allen Kim Lang, Blind Man's Lantern[1]:
      Just above the doorway, which opened spang onto the broadway of Datura, a grinning face peered down upon the visitors, its eyes ruby-colored glass.
    • 1917, Mrs. Meer Hassan Ali, Observations on the Mussulmauns of India[2]:
      On a certain day the King was seated on the story of his palace which overlooked the town and the outskirts beyond the walls, in conversation with his Minister and favourites, when the Durweish was espied at no great distance standing on the broadway; which, when the King knew, he desired messengers might be dispatched to convey the holy man to his presence.
  2. (poker slang) A straight from ace to ten in Texas hold 'em.