bum's rush

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The phrase dates back to 1910 (US).


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bum's rush (plural bum's rushes)

  1. (chiefly Canada, US, slang, idiomatic) Forcible ejection of someone, such as a bum (hobo), from an establishment.
  2. Idiomatic: To be hurried out of a social situation, brushed off.

Related terms[edit]

  • bum rush (verb)(1980s)
  • bumrush (noun)(1939) James Joyce, Finnegan's Wake (see wiktionary entry "bum-rush")


See also[edit]

  • Wikipedia-logo-v2.svg Baumes law on Wikipedia.Wikipedia : although this has been suggested as the origin of the phrase, bum's rush was in use more than a decade before the law was passed.