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burn +‎ down, from the phrasal verb. In the software-development sense, perhaps suggesting a burning fuse.


burndown (plural burndowns)

  1. The use of a herbicide to destroy existing foliage.
    • 2012, Vincent M. Russo, Peppers: Botany, Production and Uses, page 193:
      Controlling weeds prior to direct seeding or transplanting peppers can involve the use of burndown or stale seedbed weed control systems []
  2. A kind of destructive fault in electrical equipment.
    arcing fault burndowns
  3. In Agile software development, a chart showing how much work remains to be completed.
    • 2012, Mark C. Layton, Agile Project Management For Dummies, page 85:
      Avoid creating separate status reports for management; these reports duplicate information in the sprint burndowns []