butter muslin

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Alternative forms[edit]


butter muslin (usually uncountable, plural butter muslins)

  1. A cotton fabric similar to cheesecloth but with a tighter weave, used for draining and wrapping butter and cheeses.
    • 1916, Dairy Produce, Volume 23, Issue 1, Chicago Produce Company, [1]
      Always strain the cream into the churn through a fine piece of butter muslin, and never fill it more than one-third full; otherwise there will not be sufficient agitation when the cream is churned.
    • 1938 April, George Orwell [pseudonym; Eric Arthur Blair], chapter XII, in Homage to Catalonia, London: Secker & Warburg, →OCLC:
      They had a way of treating certain wounds which I suppose was in accordance with the latest medical practice, but which was peculiarly horrible to look at. This was to leave the wound completely open and unbandaged, but protected from flies by a net of butter-muslin, stretched over wires.