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From Proto-Vietic *gaːwʔ. See also cào. Related to nạo, through an infixed form.



cạo (𠜯, 𠞟, 𫦑)

  1. to scrape
  2. to shave
    cạo râuto shave your mustache and beard
    cạo mặtto shave all hair on your face, chin and ears, except your lashes and brows
    cạo đầuto shave your scalp
    cạo lông chânto shave your legs
    Cắt tóc hết 2 chục. Cạo mặt với lấy ráy tai thêm 10 nghìn. Tổng cộng 3 chục.
    Your hair cut is 20,000 dongs. Your face shave and earwax removal are 10,000. 30,000 in total.

Derived terms[edit]