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  1. chiêu
  2. tháu
  3. hạm
  4. man
  5. tan vỡ
  6. hếch
  7. quách
  8. ảm
  9. nhạc
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  1. sả
  2. vân vân
  3. trở thành
  4. ơn
  5. đơn giản
  6. xe đạp
  7. núi
  8. Chủ nhật
  9. kém
  10. ở đâu

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Vietnamese entries that contain usage examples that were added using templates such as Template:ux. For requests related to this category, see Category:Requests for example sentences in Vietnamese. See also Category:Requests for collocations in Vietnamese and Category:Requests for quotations in Vietnamese.

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