An Nam

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See also: annam, Annam, ann am, and An-nam


Alternative forms[edit]


Sino-Vietnamese word from 安南, officially 安南都護府 (An Nam Đô hộ phủ). Literally "Pacified South", for which reason the Vietnamese long found it offensive. Reborrowed from French Annam which itself is from Vietnamese, used satirically along with the French derivative An-nam-mít (from French Annamite).


Proper noun[edit]

An Nam

  1. (historical) Annam, a former colonial province of China, now part of Vietnam's present-day Tonkin
  2. (informal, derogatory, offensive, ironic, historical) Annam, one of the French protectorates in Vietnam, located in Central Vietnam
    Synonym: Trung Kì
  3. (historical) Vietnam as a French colony


  • French: Annam