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From Vietnamese bánh mì


bánh mì (plural bánh mìs)

  1. Alternative spelling of banh mi


bánh mì (Vietnamese-style bread)
bánh mì (Saigon-style sandwich)

Alternative forms[edit]


bánh (pastry, cake, bread, dumpling, noodle, wafer, or pudding) +‎ (wheat). Compare bột mì.

A folk etymology claims that bánh mì is a corruption of French pain de mie. An 1898 dictionary defines French miche as bánh tây, a now-dated term for Western-style bread.[1]



(classifier chiếc, , cái) bánh (餅麵)

  1. bread, especially Saigon-style short baguettes with filling
    bánh mì ngọt
    sweet bread
    bánh mì Pháp
    bánh mì (kẹp thịt)
    "sandwich baguette"; baguette with filling
    Bánh mì Sài Gòn, một ngàn một ổ!
    Saigonese banh mi, one thousand dong a loaf!
    bò kho bánh mì
    beef stew with bread

Usage notes[edit]

  • The classifier chiếc is used in northern Vietnam, while is used in southern Vietnam.[2]

Derived terms[edit]


  • English: banh mi

See also[edit]

See also[edit]


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