ca' canny

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Scots ca' canny (to go or act cautiously)


ca' canny (uncountable)

  1. Engaging in go-slow as part of an industrial dispute.
    • 2011, Millicent Garrett Fawcett, The Women's Victory - and After (page 110)
      It was almost ridiculous to watch the amazement of the ordinary man when he saw how rapidly women learned men's jobs, and how, by their patriotic zeal and entire innocence of the trade union practice of ca' canny, their output frequently exceeded, and exceeded largely, the output of men working the same machinery for the same number of hours.
  2. A general policy of caution and taking one's time in making decisions, in industrial disputes.
    • 1904, United States Congressional serial set (issue 4732, page 727)
      Mr. J. R. Scott, our enterprising, famous branch secretary moved the resolution in favor of ca' canny in a concise and practical speech.

Derived terms[edit]



ca' canny

  1. To go or act cautiously.