cake smash

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cake smash (plural cake smashes)

  1. A family event at which an infant or pet is given a cake to demolish.
    • 2013, Ahava Leibtag, The Digital Crown: Winning at Content on the Web, page 313:
      Stefanie knows that there are thousands of other photographers out there doing newborn shoots, cake smashes, and lovely family photos in autumn leaves.
    • 2018, Mark Hoyle, Roxanne Hoyle, Ladbaby – Parenting for £1: ...and other baby budget hacks:
      IT'S A CRAZY idea that I can only imagine was invented in the US, but now it seems that every man and his dog is organizing a cake smash for his kid's first birthday.
    • 2019, Serena Faber-Nelson, Dog Mama:
      But the cutest cake smashes of all time? Doggo ones. A fun, fairly easy way to celebrate a milestone birthday, dog cake smashes combine a sweet treat with the most adorable photo opportunity.