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From a Norman variant of Old French chalumeau (imported to Canada with Norman colonists), from Latin calamellus, diminutive of calamus (reed), from Ancient Greek κάλαμος (kálamos).



calumet (plural calumets)

  1. A clay tobacco-pipe used by American Indians, especially as a symbol of truce or peace.
    • 1922, James Joyce, Ulysses:
      THE CALUMET OF PEACE. He offered a cigarette to the professor and took one himself.
    • 2010, William Ingraham Kip, The Early Jesuit Missions in North America[1], page 283:
      When the chief has directed them to approach, they advance; those who have the calumets, chant and dance with much agility, now turning around each other, and now presenting themselves in front, but always with violent movements and extraordinary contortions.