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carcel (plural carcels)

  1. (historical) A former unit to measure the intensity of light, approximately 9.74 candelas.
    • 1901, Charles King, Ray's Daughter[1]:
      They would surely have heard of it, and now he was here, still virtually in hiding and possibly in disguise, and one unguarded word of hers might land him a prisoner, a war-time deserter, within the walls of the gloomy carcel in Old Manila.
    • 1896, Various, Scientific American Supplement, No. 1082, September 26, 1896[2]:
      In all systems of lighting, save electricity, the unit of light is the carcel.
    • 1888, Various, Scientific American Supplement, No. 664, September 22,1888[3]:
      When experimenting in Paris with a No. 3 lamp in a vertical direction, it showed a consumption of 34.6 liters (1.2 cubic feet) per carcel obtained.
    • 1885, Various, Scientific American Supplement, No. 488, May 9, 1885[4]:
      Desroziers in a series of experiments obtained as much as 250 carcel spherical luminous value per horse-power; this characteristic is one likely to be of great value in electric lighting by incandescence of high intensity.

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Old Spanish[edit]


From Latin carcerem, singular accusative of carcer.



carcel m (plural carceles)

  1. prison, jail
    • c. 1200, Almeric, Fazienda de Ultramar, f. 6v. col. 1.
      ¬ metiolos pharaon en / la carcel o era ioſep.
      and Pharaoh put them in the same prison as Joseph.


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