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carrot +‎ -ing, in reference to the orange colour of the drying fur.


carroting (uncountable)

  1. A process in the manufacture of felt in which the animal pelt is treated with a solution of mercuric nitrate.
    • 1942, Constantine F. Fabian, U.S. patent 2,306,872:
      The present commonly used method for application of the carroting solution to the furs is, as indicated above, the brushing of the fur with the solution while the fur is on the pelt, with subsequent drying usually performed at an elevated temperature.
    • 2015, Alison Matthews David, Fashion Victims: The Damages of Dress Past and Present, →ISBN, page 47-48:
      In a now-classic 2002 article, they warn museum professionals that the remnants of mercury from the carroting process still remain a threat.