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carry water for (third-person singular simple present carries water for, present participle carrying water for, simple past and past participle carried water for)

  1. (transitive, idiomatic) To perform menial tasks for; to serve; to assist; to be forced by politics or pragmatism to endorse or promote a belief, individual, or organization that in reality one does not fully support.
    • 1967, Sarah Gainham, Night falls on the city, page 558:
      Julie heard a woman's voice saying that she certainly was not going to carry water for any conceited bitches who thought themselves too good for ordinary....
    • 2003, Barbara Ewing, The Trespass, page 329:
      For such a caring man she would carry water for the rest of her life: no man of her acquaintance would have done what Edward Cooper did, for a woman.
    • 2006, Larry Bond; James DeFelice, First Team: Angels of Wrath, page 375:
      "We won't get another chance to talk, so tell me, deab: is Peter the man to carry water for me between the Israelis and the Palestinians, or should I find another horse for that plow?
    • 2008, Ralph Reed, Dark Horse, page 229:
      His job was to watch Stanton's back, not carry water for his ex-boss.

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