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Alternative forms[edit]


carrying-on (uncountable)

  1. Improper, immoral behavior
    • 1971, The Last Picture Show, 00:52:40
      -- One thing I know for sure - a person can't sneeze in this town without somebody offerin' him a handkerchief -- What you mean? -- Nothing. It's an awful small town for any kinda carryin' on...And some people got a lotta guns."
    • 1998,The Most Offending Soul Alive: Tom Harrisson and His Remarkable Life, by Judith M. Heimann, page 3
      In fact, he walked out of Cambridge but would probably have been sent down had he continued his rowdy carrying on with such disreputable young men as Malcolm Lowry.
  2. Irritating or self-indulgent behavior
    • 1988, Diary: 1953-56, by Witold Gombrowicz, page 29
      I am bored by stupid discussions. By the quadrille of argumentation. The insolent carrying on of intellectuals. The empty formulas of philosophy.
    • 2004, American Presidents, Religion, And Israel: The Heirs Of Cyrus, by Paul Charles Merkley, in the chapter "The Camp David Process", page 133
      Then on Monday, there was a second cabinet meeting, followed by an appearance before the Knesset. Carter was appalled by the noisy carrying-on of the members. In addition to many meetings of Americans and Israelis in various subgroups, there was a meeting of the with the Foreign Relations Committee, which was no more decorous.


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