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carry +‎ over


carryover (plural carryovers)

  1. Something whose duration has been extended or that has been transferred to another time.
    • 1992, Vic Campbell, Junction: Mild Adventure for the Armchair Ruralists
      The “Black Shoe” title is a carryover from the days of coal-burning ships []
  2. An amount, especially a sum of money, transferred to a new column in a ledger, or applied to a later time.
    • 1980, Daniel T. Morrow, The Economics of the International Stockholding of Wheat
      First, as a general rule, carryover stocks are, held in countries that have lower carrying costs, which are probably exporting countries because they enjoy lower prices.
  3. The damaging condition where water droplets are carried out of a steam boiler along with the dry steam.