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charm +‎ -let


charmlet (plural charmlets)

  1. A little charm or amulet.
    • Sir Walter Scott
      I joy to see you wear around your neck the holy relic I bestowed on you; — but what Moorish charmlet is that you wear beside it?
  2. (physics) A charm quark or matter composed of charm quarks.
    • 2016, James Essig, Call of the Cosmic Wild. Relativistic Rockets for the New Millennium, →ISBN, page 199:
      Let us consider a scenario where a species of charmlet would decay on average n percent of the time before making contact with an ordinary baryon or atomic nucleus and where the probability of the conversion of the baryon or atomic nucleus is 100 percent. The average probability of the initial charmlet converting an ordinary nucleon or atomic nucleus to another catalytic charmlet is n/100.