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chopped (comparative more chopped, superlative most chopped)

  1. Cut or diced into small pieces.
    • 2003, Carla Emery, The Encyclopedia of Country Living, Sasquatch Books. →ISBN, page 288:
      Brown meat with chopped onions, chopped or ground garlic, chopped celery, and chopped bell pepper.
  2. (chiefly of meat) Ground, having been processed by grinding.
  3. (automotive, slang) Having a vehicle's height reduced by horizontal trimming of the roofline.
    • 1958, Charles Beaumont and William F. Nolan, Omnibus of Speed: An Introduction to the World of Motor Sport, Putnam, page 183:
      He later bought a '33 Ford coupe, chopped and channeled it and installed a Mercury engine.
  4. (slang) High on drugs.
  5. (slang) Fired from a job or cut from a team or training program; having got the chop.

Derived terms[edit]




  1. simple past tense and past participle of chop