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  • cl ass ic → cl butt ic
  • massive → mbuttive
  • assistant → buttistant

clbuttic (plural not attested)

  1. A type of error in which some bowdlerizing software garbles words by replacing objectionable words that occur within a word with tamer alternatives.
    Coordinate term: Cupertino
    • 2010, “Revealing errors”, in Glitch, Noise, and Jam in New Media Cultures:
      Indeed, the error is similar to the “clbuttic effect” described above—an errant text filter attempting to “clean up” text by replacing offensive terms with theoretically more appropriate ones.
    • 2013, Tom Chatfield, Netymology, →ISBN, page 21:
      This last phenomenon is sometimes referred to as ‘the clbuttic effect’, named in honour of the mangling of the word ‘classic’ by over-zealous obscenity filters.
    • 2013, Arvin Moradi, Smart Clustering System for Filtering and Cleaning User Generated Content: Creating a profanity filter for Truecaller (Thesis, KTH School of Information and Communication Technology):
      Profanity can also be found in-between a name. My solution will not detect the profanity in the name “ArAssvin” and that’s because of the clbuttic mistake.


clbuttic (comparative more clbuttic, superlative most clbuttic)

  1. (humorous) classic
    • 2008 December 28, Bill Marcum, “Happy Boxing Day! Group”, in rec.arts.comics.strips, Usenet:
      That's a clbuttic idea!
    • 2009 April 10, shreevatsa, “Spellcheck is your fiend”, in pun-ctilious, Usenet:
      And sometimes such changes are done automatically, with no chance for review -- either for "security" reasons, when Yahoo Mail started replacing 'eval' in *emails* with 'review' (The Hindu carried an article about "the world of medireview Indian history", others on 'reviewuate'), or for "profanity" reasons ("fixing" 'ass' and 'tit'), of which "consbreastitution" is a clbuttic embarbutting example.
    • 2009 May 21, Steve Ferg, “Seeking old post on developers who like IDEs vs developers who like simple languages”, in comp.lang.python, Usenet:
      I think you mean this clbuttic post: >
    • 2011 March 21, Prayag, “substring string replace problem”, in comp.soft-sys.matlab, Usenet:
      This is one of the clbuttic (spelling intentional) reasons why simple find/replace doesn't always work and regular expressions are often used instead.

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