cleaning shoe

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Upper sieve of a cleaning shoe for a combine


cleaning shoe (plural cleaning shoes)

  1. (agriculture) The part of a harvester or combine which both sieves out large impurities such as rocks and blows out light impurities such as chaff
    • 2003, William W. Casady, “Grain Harvesting Systems”, in Dennis R. Heldman, editor, Encyclopedia of Agricultural, Food, and Biological Engineering[1], page 449:
      The cleaning shoe expels lightweight material known as chaff as well as material with intermediate aerodynamic properties, such as straw, from the back of the combine.
  2. (rail transport, machinery) A brake shoe used to clean a wheel
    • 1913, Pennsylvania Railroad Test Dept., Brake Tests[2], page 245:
      After every test (except those at 30 mph) the wheel was cleaned by making two stops with cleaning shoes from a speed of 40 miles per hour.