clear blue water

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Introduced by the Conservative Party in the 1990s.


clear blue water (uncountable)

  1. (Britain, politics) An obvious, unambiguous divide between the policies of two parties.
    • 2002, Anthony Forster, Euroscepticism in Contemporary British Politics, page 27:
      It was the Conservatives' policy, designed in part to put some clear blue water between themselves and Labour and to refresh Conservative Party ideas.
    • 2010, Proud To Be Flesh
      But, Boyle's admission does put clear blue water between CC and the autonomist politics of another notorious commons enthusiast, Peter Linebaugh, who is also included in this chapter.
    • 2011, Martin H. M. Steven, Christianity and Party Politics: Keeping the Faith, page 62:
      [] the Conservatives can still create clear blue water between them and Labour by showing how they prioritise the family over the State.
    • 2011, Chris Mullin, A Walk-On Part
      I was of the view that there ought to be clear blue water between us and the Tories on this issue.